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Thank you for your support! Please continue to walk with us!

Dear supporters in the Lord,

On behalf of Fullness in Christ Fellowship, I heartily appreciate your continuous support to our various ministries, as the entire world is still under the persistent threat of the Covid-19 together with its severe variants!  Since mid-October we shared with you our deficit in our operation fund, we have received your generous donations of a total of US$210,000 as reflected from our end of November financial report. Together with the Matching Fund, we are thankful that we can manage to face the challenges of our US and Cambodia ministries God has entrusted to us! To all of your love in Christ, we are encouraged and thankful! Please continue to walk with us in prayers and financial support!

吴淑仪Laboring with you in Christ

Lily Lee
FiCF President


Pleroma Missions in Cambodia November Prayer Items

By Debbie Choy (Field Director) and Heather Hui (Assistant Field Director) | Nov 2021

Pleroma Missions:

Please continue to remember our needs of operation fund in your prayers. May the Lord provide.

The government wishes to hasten economic recovery and therefore has lifted almost all restrictions. The epidemic seems to have stabilized, with around 70 new cases each day, although the number may not be the most accurate. We pray that people will still be cautious so that there will not be another wave of cases. . ( Read more


Their Love Moves My Heart

by Heather Hui (Assistant Field Director), Translator: Kiara Ngai | June 2, 2021

The Cambodia government has been restricting the movement of its people, starting with curfews, to the ban of inter-provincial commute, the lockdown of its capital Phnom Penh, the ban of movement across areas within Phnom Penh, people only allowed out with a permit, and the closing down of all local markets.

When lockdown first started, the government said NGOs were exempted from the lockdown. However, the government gradually tightened the lockdown but failed to mention if NGOs were still exempted. At the same time, the government continued to increase the relevant criminal liability and fine. There are even footages of the police whipping people who did not comply with the policy.(Read more




Beautiful Woman

by Heather Hui, Missionary (Assistant Field Director) | April 13, 2021

International Women’s Day was established to commemorate the efforts devoted to the women’s rights movement, to show respect for women who contributed to society and to bring attention to the exploitation of women. The Fullness in Christ Fellowship shares the same mission.

I have joined the Pleroma Missions in Cambodia for over four years. I am mainly responsible for the services of the Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and the Pleroma Home for Women (PHW). When I see the kind of poverty and exploitation that our service targets experience, I have gradually placed my focus on our service targets and their predicament.. Read more


2020 Expenses and 2021 Budget

Thank you for your attention and support. Please click here to see the details.


God in Storm

To FiCF prayer partners and supporters:

The unchangeable Lord is indeed our pilot especially when sailing in the vast stormy sea! The more difficult our path forward, the clearer and greater is God's grace and guidance! God's unchangeable mercy and grace shone through the historical unprecedented stormy mist of 2020. For us, 2020 is indeed a particularly blessed year beyond our words can describe:

Read more


A Way Back Home

By Sokkun (Senior social worker in PHW)|Jan. 22, 2021

Many women in Cambodia are suffering from domestic violence. The root cause varies, from poverty to lack of education to trauma. The traumatic events in their life result in attachment injuries that make them have destructed behavior such as unhealthy decisions, low self-esteem, emotional disturbance, and self-blame and/or blaming others. Trauma that these women have suffered from are often violent and usually pass on cyclically from generation to generation. (read more)



Cambodia Ministry Prayer Items, Jan, 2021

By Debbie Choy (Field Director) and Heather Hui ( Field Vice Director)
Jan, 2021

Thanksgiving: The past year has been difficult for all of us. But we are thankful that many of you are willing to walk with us out of love, and to support us financially, so that our ministry is not heavily affected. We can even do more in certain aspects. (read more)



Groundbreaking Ceremony for Secondary School for Girls

By Chhourn Bun Hoeun | Oct. 24, 2020

On behalf of the school board of director, I would like to give much appreciation for your presence in this ground-breaking ceremony for the Secondary Pleroma School for Girls (PSG). Thank God for answering our prayers and thank you very much for all of you, both missionary and local people, taking part in praying to make this wonderful project happens. I would also like to give much appreciation for all PSG staff who have contributed greatly to development of the PSG high school level. (read more)



In the Midst of Pandemic, Look upon the Lord Who Entrusted Us the Vision

By Lily Lee, President & Director of Social Concern Ministry Department | 10/20/2020

Dear supporters of Pleroma Missions in Cambodia,

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the lockdown and social distancing policies since mid-March this year, most organizations have reduced or simplified their ministries. However, due to the dire circumstances and urgent needs of our clients, we have increased our services instead, like the village visitations, food subsidies and financial assistance programs.  (read more)

Pleroma Short Term Mission Information

Since the founding of the Pleroma Missions in Cambodia (PMC), we thank God for His rich provision in terms of financial support and encouragements through visitors and short-term mission teams from different places in the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

If you are interested in serving with us, please kindly complete one of the following three forms according to the purpose of your visit:

(Click to see details.)


Wonder Women Who Made History in Chinese Missions

Dora Yu 余慈度Over 20 years ago, we began to research on women’s contributions to the faith journey of God’s people in the Bible, as documented in “A Passion for Fullness” (1997) and in “Jesus’ Ancestress” (2012). As we celebrate FiCF’s 15th Anniversary (2016), we are launching another project “Wonder Women Who Made History in Chinese Missions” to document women’s contributions to the faith journey of God’s people in the Chinese church.

The first three women we have chosen to launch this project are: Gladys Aylward—the British single housemaid who travelled to China to preach the Gospel, and was used by God to also enforce the national law of unbinding young girls’ feet, and to save hundreds of orphans from life threats of Japanese invasion; Donaldina Cameron—the angry angel who gave up twice the potential for marriage to battle with forces of darkness, and delivered thousands of young girls from slave trade in San Francisco Chinatown; and Dora Yu—the Chinese doctor who broke her engagement to serve God whole-heartedly, and became a dynamic preacher, who touched the hearts of many to dedicate their lives to serve God, including the renown Watchman Nee, founder of Local Church that forbids woman to preach and lead in the church even to this day! (Continue reading)


Women and Family

What was God’s original intent when He created family? How do we build up a healthy family in which man and woman genuinely love and submit to each other?

Many destructive forces have done much harm to the family, such as co-habitation, infidelity & adultery, divorce, homosexuality, pornography and domestic violence. How do we deal with these and the daily stress and tensions from work?


Women and Leadership

Article CollectionHow do female leaders look like? Are they any different from male leaders? Women leadership is well accepted in the society at large but not in the church. What are the rationale behind such thinking ? What does the Bible really teach about women preaching, teaching and leading? Is ordination for men only? How do female pastors work alongside male colleagues?



Women and Social Justice

豐榮女兒之家Slavery may seem to be a thing of the past, in reality, sexual slavery has become a worse social problem in the 21st century. Millions of people have been victimized by human trafficking and 80% of the victims are women and under-age girls. Can you be a part of the solution? The pop culture has brought about a lot of confusion in the areas of sexual identity and ethics,  how should Christians respond?




FiCF & You

Article CollectionFullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF) provides a platform to discuss issues that are relevant to women in this day and age who want to live a worthwhile life. We also have support groups for woman ministers, and ministries in Cambodia to help the victims of human trafficking. Contact us.



Christian Womanhood -- an abundant life in Christ.