Debbie Choy(Field Director of Pleroma Ministry)、Heather Xu(Associate Field Direct) | Dec.14, 2021

Pleroma Missions

We have reached our annual budget for operation funds, and we are thankful to the donation from brothers and sisters in Christ and the board members of FiCF for their support. Please continue to pray for funding for the coming year. Our mission in Cambodia is quite costly, as we have almost 70 local staff, currently serving over 400 service targets who are relatively poor and have a greater need.


Recently, our co-worker of PHG has found the relative of a girl, and her big sister was bursting into tears of joy when she heard this news. 


Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. Please pray for the construction works inside the secondary campus and the arrangements for equipment and electricity, especially as two government departments are involved in increasing power supply and it is beyond our control. We hope that everything will go smoothly, and we can use the new campus in March 2022.
  2. The primary section has resumed classes for a month now and the first exam will take place in late December. This is our first exam in school in almost two years. We hope our students will take it seriously and do well in their exams.
  3. Please pray for our school Christmas activity and for our students to learn more about Christ. Due to the pandemic, the gathering has to be held four times to control the size of the party. May the Lord use this activity for the students to know of His love.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. Please pray for a girl who tested positive for Covid-19 while visiting her family for the holiday. But thankfully, her symptoms are not serious and, since we tested her before bringing her back to the PHG, there has not been an outbreak in the PHG.
  2. Please pray for the girls studying in the PSG, three girls who will be rehabilitated and returning to their community, four girls who will be referred to other education or vocational institutions and six new girls.
  3. Please pray for our women, so that they can focus on learning in the PHW. Please also pray to God for wisdom for our staff, so that we can plan their future with them.
  4. Some of our PHW service targets are not from Cambodia locally, but have returned from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. May God grant us wisdom, so that we know how to help them.
  5. Please pray for the issues of sexual assault and human trafficking in Cambodia. Many cases have been referred to us; however, due to the pandemic and limited space at our homes, we could not take them all in. We pray that the Lord continue to guide us, so that we can provide more appropriate service. 
  6. Please pray for the Christmas activities on 23 December in the two homes. Our missionary, Heather, will be sharing a message and our service targets will put on a performance. We pray that the Lord use all aspects of the activity to bless and heal them.


The teacher visited a student’s family, who received the scholarship. 


Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. Our staff member Thida was tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday. Please pray for her recovery.
  2. As the government has relaxed Covid measures, the PCC will resume preschool classes and weekend fellowship gatherings next week. Both our staff and the children of our community are excited about that. May the Lord bless us, so that we can in turn bless the children and families in our community, that they will really know the Lord and experience growth in life.
  3. We are thankful that we have sent out our last community food aid this year. With God’s grace and offering from our brothers and sisters in Christ, we have given out food aid for a year and a half now, supporting a lot of villagers through rough times. We will continue to assist families in need in our community in the future.


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