Pleroma Missions:

  1. The Pchum Ben holiday was just over and with encouragement from the government, there has been a lot of travelling and most people returned home for the festival. We pray that there will not be a major outbreak in Cambodia. The test result of most of our staff came back negative.
  2. People in Cambodia are receiving the third jab. Some of our staff members received the shot; however, the side effects are quite strong. We pray for everyone’s good health.
  3. Due to the pandemic and the state of the global economy, regular offerings to the Pleroma Missions have been significantly affected. May the Lord provide.

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG)

  1. Please pray for the preparation and meetings for the start of school term in November, especially when the preparation under the pandemic is more complicated than usual. Government officials visited earlier for the first inspection after the resumption of class. There will be another one before the official start of term. We pray that all will be smooth.
  2. Please pray for the planning of class schedule during the pandemic. The primary section needs two timetables for online and physical classes. The secondary section will need a new timetable as well. Please pray for our two staff members responsible for that, so that their work will be smooth. 
  3. Please pray for our school tuition sponsorship scheme. A lot of students have applied this year and we pray that we will devise good policies and follow up accordingly.
  4. Please pray for the construction of the secondary school campus. Two of the workers tested positive on October 11 before the resumption of the construction. They are now in quarantine and we hope that the virus did not spread. The construction is expected to be completed in February 2022 and in the meantime, part of the primary school campus will be used for the secondary section.


Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW)


  1. Starting from October 18, we have been sending our service targets back home for two weeks. We do not want them to take public transportation under the pandemic, so we will drive them home one by one. However, since we only have one vehicle and some provinces are a 10-hour drive away, it is challenging to arrange. A lot of liaising work and arrangements are involved in the process, including informing relevant government departments and village chief. Some families are very difficult to reach via phone. So the process is very complicated. We also need to remember in our prayers the pandemic conditions and our service targets’ safety and emotional state, as well as how they are getting along with family members after returning home. It will be another matter to arrange for their return to the homes. Besides transportation arrangements, we will have to arrange for them to come back in batches, so that they can be quarantined. We are also concerned about their experiences at home, ways to handle their emotions and possible outbreak at the homes.
  2. One of our PHG girls will be reintegrated to her community. We pray that the Lord will give her peace to start anew with her mother. She is a great learner, and we hope that she will pursue her studies and complete higher education.


(Above: Government conducting a COVID-19 test at PHW)


3. We are thankful that our caregiver, who has been found to be COVID positive two weeks ago, has almost fully recovered and is now in home quarantine for two weeks. The caregiver has been infected with the delta variant, but thankfully, there hasn’t been an outbreak in the homes. Our homes are still in lockdown and the test results of all of those in the homes will be out on October 14. If there are no new cases, then we can come out of lockdown. Please continue to pray for the recovery of the caregiver, as well as the family members of our current and former staff, 13 individuals in total.

4. We pray that the Lord continue to bless the operation of the homes and the work arrangements of our staff under the pandemic, as well as granting us wisdom to handle the many ad hoc issues.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. We have held our first online bible classes from October 11 to 15. Although only 10 of the children from our community and 7 secondary students could attend, they were eager to participate and enjoyed the learning process. We hope that this class could become integral to their lives。
  2. We are making preparations from community tutorial classes for the new school year. Because of the pandemic, for a long time we could not have a physical class, and could only offer online classes to the children. We pray for a smooth process and cooperation from parents. We also pray that those who could not attend online classes will be able to learn as soon as possible.


(Above: online Bible class)

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