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Women and men
share equal honor and glory
in Christ!

(Founded in 2001)

Dear supporters in the Lord,

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, we are expressing our heartfelt gratitude for your support in the past year 2021. Under the unpredictable COVID pandemic waves, your generous donations enabled our services in our various ministries departments effectively continued, especially in our last quarter of the year. In particular, our frontline Cambodia missionaries and staff struggled to adjust to the ever-changing challenges in carrying on their holistic mission of physical, mental, and spiritual care . In these tough challenges of global financial downturn, they not only continuously carry on their regular caring ministries, they walk  extra miles to bless them with extra relief packages in terms of money, food, and COVID care kits. All these are possible because of your donation and prayer supports. While the coming year is full of even more challenges, let us trust our Lord in united hearts to faithfully take up the “to act justly and to love mercy” mandate entrusted by God.

May God richly reward and doubly bless you and your family in the coming new year 2022!

Laboring with you in Christ

Lily Lee
FiCF President

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Our Impact
A journey to restore the fullness of women's honor and glory in Christ.​
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Global Ministry

In 2001, FiCF was founded in California
In 2012, HongKong FiCF was established
Currently, FiCF in Taiwan is in progress.

Spiritual Formation updates

"Don't give your heart to things that can't satisfy your heart."

- Abba Poemen

Articles from Pleroma Mission

JUN 2. 2021, by heather H.

The Cambodia government has been restricting the movement of its people, starting with curfews, to the ban of inter-provincial commute, the lockdown of its capital Phnom Penh, the ban of movement across areas within Phnom Penh, people only allowed out with a permit, and the closing down of all local markets...  

Apr 13. 2021, by heather H.

International Women’s Day was established to commemorate the efforts devoted to the women’s rights movement, to show respect for women who contributed to society and to bring attention to the exploitation of women. The Fullness in Christ Fellowship shares the same mission....  

Jan 22. 2021, by Sokkun

Many women in Cambodia are suffering from domestic violence. The root cause varies, from poverty to lack of education to trauma. The traumatic events in their life result in attachment injuries that make them have destructed behavior such as unhealthy decisions, low self-esteem, emotional disturbance, and self-blame and/or blaming…

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