Beautiful Woman

By Heather Hui (Assistant Field Director of Pleroma Missions in Cambodia)  March 2021 


International Women’s Day was established to commemorate the efforts devoted to the women’s rights movement, to show respect for women who contributed to society and to bring attention to the exploitation of women.


 The Fullness in Christ Fellowship shares the same mission.


I have joined the Pleroma Missions in Cambodia for over four years. I am mainly responsible for the services of the Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and the Pleroma Home for Women (PHW). When I see the kind of poverty and exploitation that our service targets experience, I have gradually placed my focus on our service targets and their predicament, forgetting that there could be a higher pursuit.


Srey Touch is our first local colleague. As of January 2021, she has served with us for 10 years. When she first started at the PHG, she was quite anxious, as it was her first job in Phnom Penh. A woman who previously worked at factories in rural areas had no idea how to be a good caregiver. She once shared that she felt very uneasy when she spent her first night in the big, empty house, and it gave her a headache to lead the girls in Bible study, as she herself had no idea how to read the Bible. She considered giving up, but throughout the decade, God guided her through step by step.


In early February 2021, the government conducted inspection at our homes. One of their requests was to install curtains for all windows in the living room. So Srey Touch sewed the curtains on her own. After that, she had to hang them up, but she had no idea how. She thought of asking for help, but then told herself: Why don’t I try and find a way? In the end, she did it. The girls applauded her wisdom and thanked her for her loving service. Our colleagues secretly took a lovely picture of her: she was diligent, confident, unfazed by challenges and beautiful.


Lately, there have been some issues with the caregiver team at PHW, which is why we have asked Srey Touch to help lead and build a caregiver team in the PHW. Of course, it was hard for Srey Touch to leave the PHG, a place that she has served at for a decade. However, for the ministry and the wellbeing of the women, she bravely accepted the invitation.


Recently, Srey Touch suffered financial losses. She wanted to confront the woman involved but that person kept avoiding her. One day, Srey Touch went to visit this woman at her home. As Srey Touch saw her – who was shocked and stunned to see Srey Touch – she sympathized with her and did not want to confront her on the financial matter anymore. She went over to hold her, comfort her and encourage her. When Srey Touch was leaving, the woman’s two daughters ran after her and told her that their mother could not sleep or eat and was very upset lately. They kept thanking Srey Touch for encouraging and comforting their mother, and for putting a smile on her face again.


After that, Srey Touch shared that the love and truth of Jesus changed and guided her, so that she could let go of the money matter that bothered her for a long time, and treated her with love.


Through Srey Touch’s life in the past decade, I see how the Word of God changes lives, how the truth frees souls, how love leads us to overcome the bondage of money and how good triumphs over evil.


I see the most beautiful woman.