Rooftop waterproof project of PSG building

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. Recently, government officials came to inspect our school. We are thankful that their comments are positive and our school license has been renewed successfully.
  2. We are thankful that full-day face-to-face classes have resumed for our secondary section.
  3. Please pray for the last construction phase of the secondary campus. 

4. The gospel camp of the secondary section will take place in June. Please pray for all our preparation and arrangements. May the Lord use the camp for His work.


Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. Please pray for the healing process and the life of our clients at our homes. We hope that they will experience love, care and hope in God. Among them are four new cases that we are about to take in, two of the new cases will be handled by the PHG, while the other two will be handled by the PHW.
  2. In order to help the women to settle down properly, we will subsidize two of them to start their own small business. We pray for wisdom from God and we pray that they could focus on learning and working.
  3. The grandmother of two girls who are staying with us in the PHG has passed away. May the Lord comfort them and their family.
  4. We are still exploring the direction and mode of service of the PHW. We pray for wisdom to serve effectively.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. Please pray for our new youth football training program. May the Lord use this program, so that we can be in touch with more youths in our community.
  2. Recently, our staff members have expressed that they are physically exhausted. We pray that the Lord bless our physical, mental and spiritual conditions, so that we can continue to serve with joy and strength. 


Middle School Christian Students' Fellowship

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