Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. Please pray for the construction of the secondary campus. May the Lord bless the construction company, so that the construction would be completed smoothly by late August.
  2. We expect to move 4 to 5 classes into the secondary campus in the new school year and are preparing the purchasing of equipment and furniture. May the Lord provide. (Photo right: girls give thanks for food)
  3. We are making arrangements for the new school year. The process involves a lot of administrative work, such as schedule arrangement.  May the Lord grant wisdom, so that we handle these duties properly.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. We pray for God’s protection of our frontline staff, as they have to be in contact with different families regularly for our case work. We pray that they will be protected and healthy, so that they will not be infected with COVID-19 easily. May the Lord heal the women and staff members that are infected, so that they may recover quickly and regain strength.
  2. We pray for the Lord’s blessing for the cooperation between the two homes and government departments, as well as the new cases that we are taking in.
  3. The PHG will soon hold a staff training and retreat. May Lord bless the staff-in-charge, so that they can lead our colleagues to improve different skills and enjoy the presence of God during the process.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. The PCC will hold the closing ceremony of the pre–school class. May God bless the process of the ceremony. (Photo left: girls attend church service)
  2. May God bless the four women learning to use the dial linking machine, so that they may complete their learning and obtain a new skill. We are discussing the next phase of their learning with the factory. May God bless our negotiation with them.
  3. We are preparing the materials for the children and youth gathering to come. May God bless our preparations, and may these children and youth become disciples of God.
  4. Please continue to pray for the physical health of our colleague, Thida, who has been infected with COVID-19 for the second time. May the Lord heal her.


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