Pleroma Missions in Cambodia
June 2022 Prayer Letter

Pleroma Missions:

  1. All operations and economic activities in Cambodia are gradually resuming to normal. We hope that mission teams can serve with us together in Cambodia soon.
  2. Please pray for our overall operating costs. May God grant us wisdom to balance the costs of the ministry and the needs of people we serve.


Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. The PSG has successfully renewed its license. We are thankful that we could continue to serve the girls in Cambodia through education.
  2. The first term of this school year is over. We are thankful that a lot of parents came to the PSG to meet with teachers on the Parents’ Day to learn more about the learning progress of their children.
  3. Please pray for the construction progress of the secondary school campus. May the Lord grant us wisdom and different strengths, so that the construction company could smoothly complete the construction in the remaining two months. After the completion of the construction, we will commence interior decoration and equipment purchases.

This is the first year that the Grade 9 students will take part in the public junior secondary assessment examination. May the Lord bless our students with their preparation and with wisdom and perseverance to handle the public exam. We hope that they will have satisfactory results.


Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. Please pray for the girls and women in our two homes. As Cambodia is mostly back to normal, the two homes have been taking in different new cases. May the Lord bless the newcomers’ adjustment in the homes.
  2. The two homes are engaged in different cases of court proceedings of our clients. May the Lord bless the entire trial process.
  3. Please pray for our staff. They are stressed due to the different new cases, court cases and cases of re-integration to the community recently. May the Lord grant them wisdom in these matters.


Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. We are providing the women in our community with a Gospel and Skills Training Platform, so that they could learn garment making skills, improve their working abilities and take up work while taking care of their family. Besides learning, we will also sing hymns and share messages with them, so that they can learn more about the gospel.
  2. We are thankful that three women are learning the dial linking technique for a 3-month period. This is a relatively advanced skill. May the Lord grant them wisdom to understand how the machines work and perseverance to complete the training.
  3. We are planning to hold a Youth Football Training Class. We are inviting a youth, who had attended the PCC before, to be our coach. However, he is very busy with work, so our planning is put on hold. We know that many children are interested in joining. We pray that God will make a way, so that the coach will have wisdom to manage both his heavy workload and the football training class.


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