Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items | July 2023

Pleroma Missions:
  1. July 23rd is the election of the Cambodian Prime Minister. The government requires employers to give all office workers a three-day holiday to go back to their hometowns to vote. Everyone knows that it is “necessary” to go back and vote. The result is also known. May the Lord have mercy.
  2. Pray for the life of our local co-workers. Pray that they will experience God first and have a mature spiritual life, and that the Lord will protect their access and health.
  Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):
  1. The primary school year will end at the end of August. Colleagues are busy preparing for the relevant examinations and graduation ceremonies. Pray that the Lord will strengthen everyone, including the students.
  2. The management is preparing for the new school year, including the reorganization of the primary school structure, and the recruitment of primary and secondary school teachers. Pray that God will lead the way.
  3. The secondary school Gospel camp will be held in early August. We hope the students will have a better understanding of faith and believe that Jesus is the Lord of their lives. Pray for the speakers, activities, and worship.
  4. Pray for the public examination for the ninth-grade class in October. There are a lot of administrative arrangements involved, so please pray that all will go smoothly. Pray that the students will be well-prepared and achieve good results.
  5. Many parents are not serious about their children’s learning. They often default on tuition fees, and even ask their children to work instead of going to school, which often puts us in a dilemma. At the same time, we will review our sponsorship program, and ask the Lord to give us wisdom to deal with it.
  Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):
  1. We are thankful that our children have recovered from the outbreaks of infectious diseases, including chicken pox and Covid-19.
  2. Thanks to the short-term mission team who has resumed serving in our home. Apart from helping us with supplies, they have also brought a lot of happy moments and love to our children and women.
  3. In the middle of this month, two new cases will be admitted to our girls’ home. Pray that we will be able to do this smoothly and pray for them to adapt to the new environment and life. We have seventeen children in total, and we hope they can experience love and healing in their lives.
  4. Two children in the girls’ home will start vocational training. They must ride motorcycles by themselves. Pray for the Lord to give them courage, perseverance, strength and wisdom, and to keep them safe.
  5. Pray for the three women in the women’s home who are in vocational training. They all have some emotional trauma, so this is not only a vocational training but also a psychological healing process.
  6. Pray for the development direction of the two homes and ask the Lord to make us sensitive to His leading.
  7. Pray for good cooperation with various stakeholders, including government departments.
  Pleroma Community Center (PCC):
  1. Pray for the faith and learning of the people served in PCC.
  2. Please continue to pray for the expansion of the K2 program. Pray for the Lord to prepare a place and resources for us.
Picture: A social worker is teaching a child who will be going out for vocational training to ride a motorcycle.
A social worker is teaching a child who will be going out for vocational training to ride a motorcycle.