Pleroma Missions

  1. For two months the pandemic was stabilized in Cambodia. However, due to the emergence of Omicron, case number has been going up again, from a dozen per day to over 30 per day. Most of them are imported cases. Over 90% of the Cambodian population have been vaccinated. Citizens will start receiving the fourth jab starting on January 14. We pray that the Lord show Cambodia more mercy and that our work will not be affected.
  2. Please pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our colleagues and service targets. Please also pray for our missionaries, so that they may have wisdom, patience, and love to appreciate and nurture the talents of our local colleagues and prepare them to be future leaders. We also pray that they will experience renewal in spirituality and in life.

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. The construction of the secondary school campus is estimated to be completed on March 1. We will then move on to the installation and arrangement of furnishing and equipment. We pray for wisdom from the Lord.
  2. Uncle Law, our volunteer from Hong Kong, is in charge of the construction of the secondary school campus. He is planning to come to Cambodia to check on the campus upon completion. May the Lord bless him and guide him.
  3. We will start our Saturday extra-curricular activity classes on January 15, in hopes of providing all-round development and education to our students.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):


(Photo:a farewell moment between girls who will return to the community and our co-workers)

  1. Please pray for our service targets at the PHG and the PHW, including those who are studying, those about to be transferred to other institutions to receive education or vocational training, those who have just arrived, new cases to be taken in and those about to reintegrate to their community. In particular, please pray for those who are returning to the community and their family, that they can get along well and proactively take on the challenges in life.
  2. Please pray for the service targets at the PHG and the PHW that are receiving psychological counseling and medical treatment.
  3. Please pray for our new projects commencing this year, as they are heavily impacted by the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.
  4. We are planning to build houses for a few families that are in extreme need. May the Lord prepare a way for us and guide us through.
  5. We have to renew the MOU for our homes this year. This is a long and complicated process. As the Cambodian government is in the process of improving the renewal system, they keep updating regulations and requirements. May the Lord help us through the renewal process.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. We are thankful that the children and youth in our community can meet again at our Kingdom Treasure gathering. We hope to find youth leaders. Currently, we have around 40 participants every week. May the Lord bless their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  2. We are thankful to have celebrated Christmas with our tutorial class students and their parents last month. May the Lord continue to use the tutorial class to bless families in our community, so that they will know the gospel. 

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