Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items, February 2023

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. We pray that the parents will see the value of education, and supervise their children to complete homework and pay for their tuition. (Photo left: PSG teacher and Staff Development Day)
  2. Please pray for the upcoming government inspection of our school.
  3. Please pray for the spirit and the health of our teachers. May the Lord grant them wisdom, love and patience in teaching the students.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. Please pray for the two sisters that just came to the PHG and pray that they can adjust to the new environment soon.
  2. Please pray for the four women at the PHW that are receiving outside vocational training. We pray that they have the patience to follow through.
  3. Please pray for the healing of our service targets.
  4. Please pray for our court cases. May the Lord’s justice be done.
  5. Please pray for our cooperation with government officials. We pray that they can focus on helping the women.
  6. There have been some changes of staff at the PHW. Our new colleagues have yet to adjust to the work at the PHW.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. We added a preschool group to our children gathering last Sunday. Thank God for the assistance of our new missionary staff.
  2. We have also started hosting interest classes for parents. We hope that more parents will come so that we can share the Gospel with them.

(Photo right: Children from PCC and PHG are learning modern dancing)

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