Pleroma Mission:

  1. Please continue to remember our needs of operation fund in your prayers. May the Lord provide.

    In-person class has started after 18 months lockdown

  2. The government wishes to hasten economic recovery and therefore has lifted almost all restrictions. The epidemic seems to have stabilized, with around 70 new cases each day, although the number may not be the most accurate. We pray that people will still be cautious so that there will not be another wave of cases.

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG)

  1. We are thankful that our two colleagues who were infected with Covid-19 have now fully recovered and are out of quarantine, and that other colleagues were not infected.
  2. After 18 months of class suspension, classes have finally resumed in phase. We pray for the Lord’s protection over our teaching staff, students and all colleagues and that we will adjust well to the pace and mode of learning in-person again.
  3. As the secondary campus is still in construction, we have to borrow the primary campus for our secondary students. Due to social distancing restrictions, we need to split certain classes into groups. Please remember the shortage of classroom space and increased workload for our teachers in your prayers.
  4. Please pray for the construction of the secondary campus. It has already topped out and internal fittings, such as the laying of wirings, are being done. We hope that the secondary section can move into the new campus next March.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW)

Everybody was excited to see each other after one year and a half separation.

  1. As we have to send our service targets back home and take them back to our Homes this month, our colleagues have to travel a lot to the other provinces for work. They have to work overnight, be in contact with people without much anti-epidemic awareness. We pray that the Lord will keep them safe on the road and safe from the virus.
  2. We pray that our service targets will enjoy the time with their family and can emotionally adjust well when they return to our Homes.
  3. Our two Homes will resume normal operation. We will review our work and make plans for next year as we approach the end of year. May the Lord guide our planning.
  4. The PHG will reintegrate six girls and take in six new cases, which involves liaising with a lot of government departments. May the Lord have mercy and guide us.
  5. Please pray for the two online missionary groups service that will take place in early December and over Christmas. May the Lord bless their work

Pleroma Community Center (PCC)

The community tutorial class for the new school year will commence mid-November as online classes. We pray for the Lord’s blessing and smooth operation.

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