Pleroma Missions in Cambodia | June 2023 Prayer Letter

Pleroma School for Girls:

  1. On June 16, we will hold a parental seminar for the 4th-grade to 6th-grade students. We hope parents will actively participate and learn how to raise their children as they enter their teenage years.
  2. We are planning the school structure and teaching team arrangement for the coming year and asking the Lord to give wisdom to the management team.
  3. Middle school students are entering their teenage years, and interpersonal issues are beginning to emerge. We ask our Lord to give wisdom to teachers to walk with them.
  4. We will hold an evangelistic camp for middle school students at the end of June. Pray for the Lord to work in each of their lives.
  5. We plan to purchase a school bus, so pray for the money we need.
  6. We are in the process of auditing the organization with an outside company, and the paperwork and procedures are complicated. Pray for wisdom to complete the process.

Pleroma Home for Girls & Home for Women:  

  1. We are thankful for the successful completion of building the first house and toilet for poor families, which broke the Cambodian tradition of having a partitioned room for a girl who has returned to the community.
  2. The girls in PHG suffer from an outbreak of chicken pox infection. Pray for God to end the outbreak soon.
  3. Please pray for the two women who have just been rescued from the sex industry and have come to our home.
  4. Please pray for the two women who have just started working and are physically and mentally exhausted.
  5. Please pray for the safety of our co-workers who often have to travel to the provinces for work, especially for our male social worker who has to serve as a driver and will be physically and mentally exhausted.
  6. We will start a school/church/community education pilot program. Please pray for God’s guidance.
  7. We seek to reorganize our services in the two homes. Please pray for wisdom from above.

Pleroma Community Center:

  1. The weekend youth and children’s get-togethers will be reorganized to attract more youth to attend the gatherings.
  2. Pray for the spiritual lives of the youth in our community, that they will be free from temptation.
  3. We have a K3 class and are planning to expand to a K2 class. Pray for the Lord to prepare the place and resources for us.
Photo 1: Our first house for poor families.
Photo 2: K3 students working on color recognition and hand/foot coordination training.

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