Pleroma Missions in Cambodia | November 2022 Prayer Letter

Pleroma Missions:

The Ministry of Labor has launched new policies recently, including a pension scheme that involves cumbersome administrative documents and procedures, adding pressure to our finances, which have been tight as is. May the Lord provide.


Pleroma School for Girls (PSG):

  1. School term has started for our primary and secondary sections since November 1. We have also resumed full-time teaching. We pray that both our staff members and students will adjust quickly.
  2. Our secondary students are now having classes in the new campus, which is around 8 minutes away from our primary campus. Most of them ride their bicycles to school. May the Lord protect their safety on their way.


Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG) and Pleroma Home for Women (PHW):

  1. We are thankful that the government has granted our new license and signed the MOU.
  2. 9 of our PHG girls are commencing studies in the PSG in the new school year. Please pray for their adjustment, learning and commute to and from school.
  3. One of our girls has been transferred to a halfway house recently. Please pray for her adjustment and new lessons in life.
  4. Please pray for our court cases. May justice be done.
  5. Please pray for our newcomers at the homes, especially three women that returned from Mainland China.
  6. The police will conduct an investigation with the women who had just been sent back from the Mainland. We hope that the government will strengthen enforcement on the relevant law-breaching acts.
  7. Please pray for the safety of our colleagues that need to frequently travel to other provinces for work. The roads in Cambodia still are not very safe.


Pleroma Community Center (PCC):

  1. 29 students signed up for the preschool for the new school term. We pray that God will lead these children in their learning.
  2. The children and youth fellowships for the season will start on November 19. We pray that they can all adjust to and enjoy fellowship life.
  3. We plan to hire a part-time Sunday mentor. May the Lord provide.

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