The WIM team wants to give thanks for the connections after our annual retreat in November 2021, we have women pastors, ministers, seminarians express interests to join the FiCF regional support groups.

Prayer Items:

  1. Pray for the development and  planning of our current Regional Fellowship/Prayer groups for both Cantonese and Mandarin speaking sisters.  
  2. Pray for our current FiCF Regional fellowship group leaders:
    • SoCal groups:  Regina Wang, Yan Zhang
    • NoCal group: Katie Leung
    • Cross region group: 
        • Mandarin groups: Yan Zhang
        • Cantonese group: Margie Fong

3. Pray for our newly developed WIM web page on our website and the future content development of WIM web page.

4. Pray for wisdom and discernment of our newly formed WIM committee that  will conduct  our first meeting in February.

5. Our WIM staff team is in the process of planning our ministry for 2022, may God give us wisdom to seek after His heart and learn how to serve those who need our support and encouragement.



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