By Heather Hui     Translated by Kiara Ngai, 28 January, 2022

Ten years! How does one make sense of that? A simple question, perhaps. But this decade has been a cumulation of life-changing ripple effects from God’s plan, the participation of our long- and short-term partners, service targets and their families, as well as organizations that worked with us, even just for once. The full impact is beyond our imagination.


Looking back, God showered the PHG and PHW with so many blessings in the past decade that a recount is impossible. But if I have to sum up the decade, I would thank God for showing us our path: to become a community that brings positive changes to the lives of others. The professional and effective intervention services provided by our two homes have received recognition from our professional partners, local non-profit organizations and government departments. We are even providing support in counseling and social work to other non-profit organizations. These are the harvest of the hard work of our local staff.

This year, we will be launching Project 20/20 – the construction project of our PHG and PHW dormitory. 20/20 implies the ability to see perfectly. We firmly believe that this is a perfect vision from God to us. As our service targets have gone through physical, mental and emotional trauma, we hope that we are not only building a purely functional dormitory, but a space that caters to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our service targets. We pray that this will be a space of rest, healing and rebuilding for them. But above all, we pray that this will be the place where they experience love and seek God.


We pray that we could provide a refuge as such for our service targets, while deepening and widening the scope of our services in the future. By “deeper” and “wider,” we refer to family intervention services that we have already kick-started, aside from our existing counseling, therapy and life planning services. We engage their community and social resources and mobilize personnel at the village and province level and even government officials from different departments to provide intervention, so as to confront fundamental issues in their family. Without a doubt, this is difficult work. But we have already started and are seeing results, such as the mother in “Mommy, Do You Love Me?” and the father in “Tribulations, Be Still.” We have also taken on more preventative work, such as education and cooperation within neighborhoods, communities and among churches.


Besides rescuing, we also hope to provide our service targets with a better safety net: lowering the odds of harm going their way, becoming a safety net for them to heal and recover if they come to harm, and even becoming a slingshot in their life, sending them above and beyond formidable walls, into a place deeper and wider than they have ever envisaged.

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