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Does Romans 5 Teach Adam’s Federal Headship Implying The Authority Of A Husband Over His Wife?

Please take the time to read every word of this, including the dual comments between Pastor Randy and Dr. Payne. Dr Payne had spent 30+ years studying this issue. He is the most famous world renowned Bible scholar. He was invited by the Vatican to examine the oldest existing bible manuscripts. Very few people, if any, ever went inside the Vatican's vault of existing original bible manuscripts to study them. Dr. Payne found that in all existing manuscripts, 1 Cor 14: 34-36 had interpolations (similar to quotation marks) around them, meaning they were added later. This cannot prove that they are not written by Paul, as Paul could have inserted them into it later. But it is curious to find out that in ALL existing manuscripts of this passage, there are interpolations around them.

Disability and Autonomy

Suzanne McCarthy was an abused wife for 30 years under a patriarchal church setting. She had to get permission to go to the bathroom, etc. She now is a through and through egalitarian, extremely scholarly in her biblical research. She is fluent in Greek and dig deep into the original Greek grammar, etc. THe above link takes you to where she blogs now. She used to have her own blog, which had been inactive since sept 2011. If you want some scholarly research on Junia and other subjects, you can dig there. 

Go to the right hand column "Labels" and click on:

Example of her writing:

Never Forget!

Do not let these women's suffering be forgotten. In spite of what some keep telling you, we live in a patriarchy culture. Always had. These women suffered unspeakable pain for the right to vote. Men actually beat and tortued them for wanting the same right. Today egalitarians were described as "having blind spot" "wanting to erase gender difference" and a host of other lies. Bottom line: it is about equal rights, just like blacks and whites have equal rights, tall people and short people have equal rights, etc. Why is this so difficult to understand for so many people? I thank GOd that at CBE Houston, we do have many men who fight for gender equality.

A Suitable Helper (in the Septuagint)

Margaret is a gifted teacher, very concise and to the point.