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聯系、捐助基督豐榮團契Thank you for giving FiCF Financial support. We'll mail you a tax deductable reciept soon.)
1.Giving online
2.Giving by mail

For other reasons to contact us, please click here.

Give Online

Please note that Paypal will take 3% of your donation as their service charge. Thank you.

To FiCF General Ministries:

To FiCF Cambodia Ministries-Pleroma Home for Girls:

Scholarship for Women Leaders' Retreat:

To FiCF Cambodia Ministries-Pleroma School for Girls:

To FiCF Spiritual Formation Ministry:

To Cambodia Women's Center:

In remembrance of Celia He


Give by Mail:

If you are sending a check in, please

  • write the check to: FICF or Fullness in Christ Fellowship
  • specify which ministry you are donating to. (1. FiCF General Ministries 2.Pleroma Home for Girls 3. Pleroma School for Girls 4. Cambodia Women's Center 5. Scholarship for Women Leaders' Retreat 6. Spiritual Formation Ministry

Our mailing adress:

945 Taraval Street, #249
San Francisco, CA 94116

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    945 Taraval Street, #249
    San Francisco, CA 94116

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