Brothers and Sisters Empowered to Lead

 By Rev. Dr. James Choung

Using women and leadership in the same sentence sometimes can cause anxiety and debate among Christians. This workshop invites you to come and explore the topic of women in leadership, including men who support women leaders, and practical ways to empower women who are called and gifted to lead. The speaker will share some of his personal experiences (moving from a complementarian to an egalitarian view of women in ministry) and practical insights that could truly help empower you and women in your midst!

About the Speaker:

Dr. James ChoungRev. Dr. James Choung seeks to empower rising generations of Kingdom world-changers. To this end, he currently serves as national director of InterVarsity Asian American Ministries, and is a licensed pastor with the Vineyard USA.

He has also written True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In and its forthcoming follow-up, Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out. He has taught at Bethel Seminary in San Diego on leadership development and evangelism, frequently speaks at churches and conferences, and his work has been featured in many publications including Christianity Today and Leadership Journal.

Here Are the Recordings:


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