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Fellowship Activities

FiCF has three regional support groups for woman ministers, pastors’ wives and woman seminarians. The purpose is to encourage fellowship and mutual support in prayers on a regular basis.

Northern California

There are three groups in North, East and South Bay. They meet monthly for fellowship and prayer. There are three joint meetings each year in January, May and September. Male and female speakers are invited to speak on various topics relevant to the members.

Southern California

San Diego

FiCF San Diego began in 2006 with a handful of woman ministers, a couple are also pastor’s wife. Over the years our number remains consistent between four and five. Our meetings can be initiated by anyone as the needs arise when at least three of us are available, but usually no more frequent than once every two months.

Since most of us are personally involved or interested in Christian formation ministries, various formational meeting formats have been tried out in the last couple of years, such as peer spiritual mentoring—listening to God for each other, clarification committee, etc. as proposed by anyone. As individual members have, at one time or another, taken part in various kinds of training, whether as learners or as teachers, in Christian formation, spiritual direction and seminary courses, sharing of resources and personal experience have also been a significant part of our fellowship.

Due to the small size and consistent attendance of our members, we have been able to gradually develop transparent relationship and spiritual accountability with each other.  A strong sense of unconditional acceptance, support and trust (spiritually, mentally, relationally and in all practical ways) is at the core of this community. Along with these characters comes also a healthy dose of “spurring each others on” (Hebrew 10:24) by challenging each other to think harder, deeper, broader, more Christ-centered, and more focused.  No one is let off the hook (with just about any issue) too easily in this group.  Sometimes being “spurred on” was uncomfortable, but it is truly a hallmark of authentic relationship.

Lastly, how good a fellowship could it possibly be without good food, silly jokes and really good belly laugh.  So besides the serious side of in-depth sharing and prayer, we also find all kinds of excuses to celebrate at home or at local restaurants—Chinese, American, Italian, Japanese, etc.  Those who eat, play and laugh together stay together, insist the wise women at FiCF San Diego!



FiCF hosts an annual retreat for full-time female ministers, para-church workers, pastors’ wives and female seminarians. It is held on the first weekend of November from Sunday evening to Wednesday noon in Oakhurst of central California . Sisters look forward to the time of renewal and deeper fellowship with each other. 




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