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Abide in Christ: The Sickness, Health and Growth of Our Lives in Christ

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Language of Instruction: English or Mandarin


  • Seminar/Workshop: 3-4 hours, introduction for general audience
  • Church Retreat: 6-8 hours, more in-depth study for Christian men and women
  • Class: 40 hours for christian men and women (intensive class for 4 weekends)


This is an introduction written for a One Day Retreat

Three sessions: about 60-90 min. each session.

In John 10:10 Jesus told us that He had come so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.  In John 15:5 Jesus also said that those who remain in Him will bear much fruits.  In both passages, Jesus painted a picture of a vibrant and fruitful vineyard as our lives in Him.  In this retreat, you are invited to come and experience that abundant life through hand on exercises, honest reflections of your own struggles, and ultimately rest in His Word. 

We will have 3 different sessions, each about 60-90 min. in length.  We will first deal with some factors in our own lives that might block or stunt our spiritual growth, and then we will dive head on into dealing them.  We will then learn and practice the true “Shalom” in Christ through receiving and resting in His Word. 

This retreat is not a “magic bullet” that will end the spiritual dryness in your lives, but a baby step in a lifelong journey of following Christ.  The whole retreat is based on the biblical model of Jesus’ very own earthly journey which lay bare before us to learn, to experience and to follow. 

I welcome you to join this journey with Jesus!                 

Speaker: Esther Liu, M.Div., D.Min.

Dr. Esther Liu has been a teacher, pastor, mentor, and counselor for the past 20 plus years. Grew up in Taiwan and trained in the US (Fuller Theological Seminary), she has immersed herself in learning and serving in both cultures. Speaking from personal and many years of pastoral experiences, she has helped men and women in their walk of faith. Esther is now teaching Practical Theology at Christian colleges. You can see her full profile at and her blog about wholistic Spiritual Formation at


You can contact Mrs. Esther Liu directly and send all transportation reimbursement and honorarium to them. But if you want to go through FiCF, please contact Mrs. Dora Wang. Honorarium and transportation reimbursement are on a free-will offering basis. Please make the check payable to FiCF.

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