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Women in Leadership and Conflict Management

Home  Speakers’ Bureau Women in Leadership and Conflict Management


Language of Instruction: English or Mandarin


  • Seminar/Workshop: 3-4 hours, general introduction for men and women
  • Church Retreat: 10 hours, more in-depth study
  • Intensive Class: 30-40 hours, 4 weekends, seminarians


Most people do not like conflict. In fact, Christians avoid it like plague, leaders included. Women leaders seem to have even harder time dealing with conflicts that inevitably arise in ministry. This class will include the biblical and theological understanding of conflict, the nature of human differences, and the possible constructive values and uses of conflicts. Students will reflect on their own styles of conflict, how each one could contribute to, flee from and resolve conflict, and study and analyze real cases of conflict. Core characteristics of competent leadership will also be discussed.


  1. Conflict defined
  2. Perception
  3. Anger and Emotions
  4. Conflict Styles (Interpersonal Conflict) and Pastoral Leadership Philosophy
  5. Church as Family System (Group/Congregational Conflicts)
  6. Reconciliation and Forgiveness              


Dr. Esther Liu has been a teacher, pastor, mentor, and counselor for the past 20 plus years. Having grown up in Taiwan and trained in the US (Fuller Theological Seminary), she has immersed herself in learning and serving two cultures. Speaking from her personal and pastoral experience, she has helped men and women in their walk of faith. Esther is now teaching Practical Theology at Christian colleges. You can see her full profile at and her blog about wholistic Spiritual Formation at


You can contact Mrs. Esther Liu directly and send all transportation reimbursement and honorarium to them. But if you want to go through FiCF, please contact Mrs. Dora Wang. Honorarium and transportation reimbursement are on a free-will offering basis. Please make the check payable to FiCF.

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