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主頁  FiCF作者  劉秀嫻


Dora Liu劉秀嫻,《還我伊甸的豐榮》作者之一,曾在數間華人教會及神學院事奉將近卅年。她的學歷包括加州大學建築系學士,西南浸會神學院宗教教育碩士,韋斯敏特神學院宗教(聖經研究)碩士及卡利蒙神學院教牧學博士(舊約文體研究及宗教教育)。秀嫻與丈夫王靈輝現居加州聖地牙哥,任職聖地牙哥主恩堂靈命培育傳道。

Dora Wang, one of the authors for A Passion for Fullness, has served in pastoral ministries in Chinese churches and seminaries for almost 30 years. Her academic training includes a B Arch from UC Berkeley, MRE from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, MAR (Biblical Studies) from Westminster Theological Seminary, and D Min (OT Literary Genre Studies and Religious Education) from Claremont School of Theology.

Dora and her husband John Wang currently live in San Diego, and she serves as Pastor of Christian Formation at the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego, California.