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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items, 6 September, 2018

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

1 Octomber, 2018 

Pleroma School for Girls

  1. Thank the Lord that we have successfully hired five teachers and one administrative staff for the new school term. We pray that our team can serve as one.
  2. Four of our teachers will be going to a school in Hong Kong from 12 to 21 September for an exchange programme. May the Lord lead them and expand their horizon.
  3. Pray for the admission for the new school term and may more girls receive the chance to be educated.
  4. Please pray for the fundraising for Project 20/20 and the formation of the secondary school construction committee.

Pleroma Home for Girls

  1. Two of our girls, aged eight and 12, had to appear at court for their cases today. Please also pray for other cases that are awaiting litigation. May the Lord grant them courage to face the trial and may His justice be done.
  2. Four girls are receiving vocational training from other NGOs. May the Lord lead them, so that they can live with more confidence, sense of security and hope.
  3. Please pray for a 16-year-old girl who will be reintegrated in September to live with her sister and to continue her education. Thank the Lord for healing her and strengthening her hope and faith. May the Lord continue to lead her way.
  4. A short-term mission team from the USA will be visiting next week. May the Lord lead us and we pray that the lives of the team and the girls would be blessed in the process.
  5. Please pray for the recruitment of a cook, an administrative staff and a social worker. We thank our staff for their willingness to share extra workload when we are short-staffed. May the Lord protect them and their families, as well as bless their health.
  6. Please continue to pray for the renewal of our MOU.
  7. Please pray for our director Kimsang, who has just moved house and now lives one hour away from the Home. May the Lord bless her way to work and her adjustment to the new place.

Pleroma Home for Women

  1. Please pray for a lady who has been transferred to the Home for Women from the Home for Girls. She has been with us for three years now and, starting from next month, she will be a teacher assistant at a school, which will also be a learning process for her. May the Lord strengthen her confidence and guide her future direction.
  2. We are still in need of a caretaker. Please pray for our new caretaker, although experienced, she is still new to the Home and needs to adapt to new challenges and emergencies.
  3. Please pray for the mental wellbeing of our staff and may the Lord grant them wisdom to handle complicated cases and emergencies. May the Lord also grant wisdom to know how to get along with the ladies, including how to set boundaries and respond to their needs.

Pleroma Community Center

  1. Kingdom Treasure (community gathering for children) will resume this Sunday. We are thankful that the short-term mission team from the USA can serve with us. May the Lord lead more children to the event and we pray that children who participated in the past will come again.
  2. May the Lord prepare for us a Cambodian staff, so that we can serve the community together.

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