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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items, 1 Octomber, 2018

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

1 Octomber, 2018 

Pleroma School for Girls

  1. We would like to give thanks to the Lord for His guidance. The first curriculum-planning meeting for the secondary section was successfully held with a zoom video meeting between the Hong Kong side and the US side. The result would be used as a blueprint for discussion on campus design with the secondary school construction committee.
  2. Thank the Lord that we have successfully hired five teachers. May the Lord guide them in their service and adjustment to the new environment.
  3. With around 30 new students, we have a total of 141 students this new school year. The new school term will commence next Monday. We pray that the Lord will lead the students in their learning, especially the new students in their adjustment and their studies.

Pleroma Home for Girls

  1. Our girls will be returning home early October during the Phchum Ben Holiday, 'Festival of the Dead' in Cambodia. May the Lord lead us in our preparations and protect the girls and our staff as they return home.
  2. Please pray for a girl who will be officially returning home during the Phchum Ben Holiday. We pray that she will adjust well to living at home and that she can find courage in proceeding onwards, as she has always lacked confidence.
  3. Please pray for four of our girls participating in vocational training outside of the Home.
  4. Please pray for the recruitment of a cook, an administrative staff and a social worker.
  5. Please continue to pray for the renewal of our MOU.

Pleroma Home for Women

  1. Please pray for Sabol, one of the women at our Home. We thank the Lord that she is willing to study at a hairdressing school and we pray that she will persist in learning.
  2. Please pray for Nao, one of the women at our Home and a victim of domestic violence. She wants to become a tailor. We have found her a teacher and we pray that the Lord will lead her in her studies.
  3. Please pray for Khoun, who will be teaching and learning at the Pleroma School for Girls when the school opens. She wants to become a kindergarten teacher in the future.
  4. Please pray that our women will be able to return home during the Phchum Ben Holiday, as it is an important festival for Cambodians to be with their families.
  5. Recently, our staff and women suffered from diarrhea and vomiting because of food poisoning. Please pray for their recovery and their health.
  6. We are still recruiting a care-taker.

Pleroma Community Center

  1. We thank the Lord that a god-loving couple is offering space for the Pleroma Community Center to develop more diverse community activities. May the Lord guide us and bless the community through the Center.
  2. Please pray for two divorced sisters, who have seven children in total. However, they have left home for over three months and have abandoned their children. The children are now cared for by their uncle and aunt and miss their mother dearly.
  3. We thank the Lord for His guidance. A male student of the Phnom Penh Bible School is willing to participate in the Kingdom Treasure community children event. May the Lord guide him in his service.

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