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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Letter, Oct. 2017

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Letter

Oct. 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The team of community outreach

PMC is founded on the love of God to children, to those oppressed, and on God's justice and mercy.

Two of our new co-workers, 許英黎(Heather), 莫慧玲(Esther) and volunteer 張善童(Chantal) have set up community and women's outreach. These are proceeding full steam ahead but still require further collaboration with many different organizations. More in-depth planning and communication are required. The workers also need to experience God's grace in their midst.

The Pleroma Home for Girls is seeking a cheaper place to move into. The Women's Center needs to be near the airport. May God, who has mercy on this ministry, prepare, open the way, and strengthen the work of our hands (Phil. 4:6-7).

Comminity road project

I need to return to the States to be with my father, who is due for surgery on the morning of June 26. I shall be temporarily leaving my work in Cambodia. But I have peace in my heart, and trusting in God to watch over all the aspects of our ministry. It is a lesson in faith. May God help us to continue to commit everything to Him and gaze steadfastly upon Him. Your prayer is my strength.

I would like to share a story with you. There is a little girl in our school who has never received the care of her parents. One day she fell into the toilet. Her grandfather broke the toilet to rescue her. Now she is in P2 in our school, and participates in the Jumbo Treasure workshop in our Community Center. She no longer feels alone and knows the love of Jesus.

In addition, I give thanks to God for our Cambodian staff at Pleroma Home for Girls who love and serve the girls, and make great effort to resolve dangerous situations that the girls face.

Prayer Items:

  1. Thanksgiving for the Cambodian staff for their united hearts and work to restore the fullness in Christ into the girls' identities at the Pleroma Home for Girls.
  2. Thanksgiving for completion of road construction in the Community Center, for the participation of university students who led different activities.
  3. May God bless my father's surgery and recovery, and may my whole family see the power of God. May my father come to know Jesus Christ.
  4. May God bless the time when I am in the States (June 23 to July 8), that I will trust in Him and rely on His great provision.

Yours sincerely,


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