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Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

By Debbie Choy (Field Director) and Heather Hui (Field Vice Director) | Jan, 2021


  1. God prepared angles and a church for the
    woman in yellow jacket who will work in a factory

    The past year has been difficult for all of us. But we are thankful that many of you are willing to walk with us out of love, and to support us financially, so that our ministry is not heavily affected. We can even do more in certain aspects.
  2. We are thankful that the government let schools resume classes on 4 January. Please also pray for our resumption of classes. We hope that the epidemic would be under control, so that classes would not be suspended again, as the children in Cambodia had not been able to go to school from mid-March till now.
  3. May the grace of God be with our teachers, students, those in our Homes and our staff working in other provinces, so that they may experience God's provisions during the epidemic.

Pleroma School for Girls (PSG)

  1. After 8 months, we finally reopened the school.

    Please give thanks for the smooth construction of the campus of our secondary section and please continue to remember it in your prayers.
  2. We are reviewing our local staff policy. May God grant us wisdom to balance the needs of the ministry and our local staff.

Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG)

  1. We give thanks that one of our girls passed the Grade 9 national exam. She returned home on 31 December to reunite with her mother. May the Lord continue to guide her in life. She is a proactive girl with vision. We hope that she will one day use her talents to give back to the PHG.
  2. Two of our girls still have not found their family members. May the Lord help them.
  3. Five of our girls are students at the PSG and they have resumed classes on 4 January. They are very excited and really looking forward to it. We pray that all will be smooth.
  4. We hope that as the epidemic slows down, we will be able to take in new cases, work in other provinces and visit the girls and their families again.

Praying for children who would return home

Pleroma Home for Women (PHW)

  1. Please pray for the spirituality and life learning of our women. We pray that they will see God's grace and guidance and start 2021 with hope, faith and dreams.
  2. Please pray for our women's job and internship opportunities and their learning of work skills. Lately, we have introduced one of our women to the factory of a brother in Christ from Hong Kong. God has also provided this lady with a church and sisters in Christ that can take care of her.
  3. Please pray for our work plan for the new year and pray that the epidemic will be under control, so that we can fully resume outreach work.

Pleroma Community Center (PCC)

  1. A kid from the communite
    happily attended our
    Christmas celebration

    We are thankful that our community tutorial classes resumed on 4 January. May the Lord keep us so that we can help our students learn better and build better relationships with families in the community.
  2. We hope that we can resume children and youth gatherings in the near future, so that we can learn more about the Bible together in Christ.
  3. We are making preparations for our small-scale community garment-making workshop. We are thankful that a garment factory is willing to lend us their machineries and send their seamstress to train our women, so that they may have a skill and will be able to find job to provide for their families in the future. May God bless the preparation process. We hope to reach out to women who are patient and willing to learn, so that we can further spread the gospel.

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