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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer letter, September 2015

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

September, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The completed school building

Here at the end of August, with an anxious and excited heart, we welcome the completion of the school building for the Pleroma School for Girls.  The whole building process has been full of God’s blessings. I’m so grateful that I was able to participate in it -- to experience first hand how great God’s power is, how He listened to our prayers from planning to drafting to completion, and how he gathered professionals and experts from all over the world to contribute to this project.  We are so thankful for all our supervisors, including all our educators, engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, and computer science engineers. We are deeply thankful for their passion for education as well.  I am grateful is all I can say.

Final check up for the school building

During the construction process, we experienced quite a lot of issues with the workers.  There were, and still are, are issues regarding some workers were not willing to use safety belts while working at great heights; there were also disputes and physical confrontation between the locals and foreign workers. This is due to the fact that most workers came from Vietnam, and there have been many conflicts between the Vietnamese and the Cambodians. These indescribable issues, intermingled with cultural differences, are so complicated, and it is hard for us to find out the truth. In the end, some of the troublemaking workers were fired on site.   During the construction, we discovered that there are plenty of rental units and a dense population around the school building, and most of the residents are not local villagers.  May the Pleroma School for Girls serve them well, and bring them the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Wow!  This is beautiful!  Praise the Lord, indeed! Can not wait for the day that this building is filled with laughing, running, happily learning and daring to dream big for God girls!!! May the Spirit of God fill this building with His love, wisdom, strength and power! Let this ministry be the light of God for the community surrounding it! -Esther Liu, FiCF member

For the teaching staff, we thank our Lord that we now have three local women teachers, as well as a missionary to teach Mandarin.  They all have been working hard during the past two months to prepare the curriculum and receive systematic teacher training.   We are all united for the final phrase of preparation for the Pleroma School for Girls.   The most touching thing is that a teacher received a commission from the shop owner when she helped purchase the desks and chairs for the school.   However, she thought the money belonged to God and she gave it all to the school.   After visiting the village, another teacher offered private tutoring during her spare time for two girls who did not have the chance to go to school.

Prayer Requests:

The team of school teachers

  • The transferring process of the school building was completed at the end of August, and we have already moved in.  May God give wisdom to all the staff so that they can fulfill their role perfectly and be ready for the new school year, which is starting in October.  Also pray for God’s provision in hiring security workers, janitors, a principal and an English teacher from overseas.
  • We still need to form a board of directors for the school; may God give us suitable candidates.
  • Pray for the school registration with the government.  We need to pay a deposit of HK$48,000.  May God provide.
  • Pray for the first class of girls to be admitted to the school, and pray that we will serve them well.
  • Pray for all the teachers who are preparing each subject with teaching objectives; may God give them extra wisdom and grace.
  • Pray for my strength and energy, as I will be going back to Hong Kong in September in order to share God’s vision of the Pleroma Mission with different churches and with my mother school.
Yours sincerely,


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