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Index Pleroma Mission Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer letter, July 2015

Pleroma Missions in Cambodia Prayer Items

July, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Team building retreat at Koh Dach island

Praise the Lord! The Pleroma School for Girls has hired three local teachers, and we’re in full speed preparing the new syllabus, admission and miscellaneous items. In the past few months during our close cooperation, I got to know more in depth how the locals work.

Recently all three teachers had to take sick leave for a prolonged period of time. One teacher, who worked for a month, had to take leaves due to lymph node infection and stress; another teacher who worked for just 10 days acquired food poisoning due to unclean food and needed to rest for a couple days; then another teacher went for an OBGY checkup and ended up having a surgery in the hospital.

One by one, each young teacher has had to take leave due to physical and psychological reasons.  I’m in total sympathy after understanding their situations. However, these sick leaves made me realize, although the local teachers are very faithful and competent, when they encounter any family, working, or personal issues, their capability to handle the issues and stress are very limited. Thus they need to take leaves to recoup, and will inevitably affect the working schedule and progress.

Visiting the construction site

I was hoping that the Pleroma School for Girls could be localized as soon as possible, so that the locals and the community could “own” this school.  However, in reality, I realize that while both  I and the local teachers have to work as a team in full speed, we really need to overcome lots of constraints and practical issues, and this road of “localization” is definitely not easy. This also made me reflect that, in the area where I have to work with the local coworkers, I need to be more patient and more understanding, but not blaming and complaining in order to solve the problem.   I also need to pray for them and let God lead, so that God can mold and change their life.  Of course I will really need your prayers and support.

Although the road ahead is not easy, God still arranged helpers from all over the world.  For example, two students from the China Graduate School of Theology came to the Pleroma Home for Girls to serve for two months, and Joyce from Mainland China also came to the organization to serve our ministry. All these made me experience God’s faithful provision. May the Lord continue to lead us and keep us, and may brothers and sisters continue to remember and pray for our ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  • May God continue to keep the meeting with the government and the Pleroma Home for Girls, regarding the “Government Cooperative addendum”,  smooth.

    Pleroma Ministry Team's morning devotion

  • Two students from the China Graduate School of Theology are here for two months of internship.  Please pray that they will get along well with the girls at the homes and on other short term missions; pray that they become a blessing to each other, and that the girls in the home can experience the love of Christ through these two interns.
  • Praise the Lord that the Pleroma School for Girls hired three teachers. For the upcoming three months, there will be series of meetings and training sessions to prepare for the new school year. Subjects will include the promotion of the school, the admission process and the writing of the syllabus.
  • Pray for the school construction progress. May God provide good weather, so that the painting of the exterior walls can be finished. It’s getting close to rainy season; may the handover process not be delayed.
  • Pray for the safety of construction workers, and may the Lord bless them. Pray that the admission process will be smooth and that we will maintain good relationship with the neighbors. There was a conflict yesterday between the neighbors and the construction workers.
  • Pray for the quotation of the computer lab equipment and the sound system equipment.  May our Lord help us to pick the best products and the best provider.
  • Continue to pray for the hiring of the school principal. May the Lord provide the best candidate.
  • Pray for the administrator and guard of the school. May our Lord provide suitable personnel.
  • After the school campus is completed, we will have 12 classrooms and other facilities for the elementary school and supplementary classes.  When the number of students maxes out the school capacity, the space for student activity will be limited. For the past two years we had been praying for God’s lead and His provision of a piece of land next to the school for future expansion. Now there is a piece of land available for sale next to the school. May the Lord continue to lead the process.

Yours sincerely,


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